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We’re glad you’re here, because it means you are looking for a CRM software that helps you with your Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and provides a small business management solution for the rest of your company.

Don’t be confused by the name of the software; RedHorse CRM is a complete business management software that empowers companies to manage every function of their business more effectively. The fully integrated business management software addresses the unique needs of growing small and medium sized-businesses (SMBs) by allowing them to quickly manage, track, and automate their business operations – from the first contact to the back-office.

When you need more than just contact management from your CRM

If you are satisfied with the electronic Rolodexes of most CRM (Contact Resource Management) systems, then we congratulate you. You need read no further. But if you are looking for more than ordinary CRM, or are tired of struggling through system upgrades, you may want to look into RedHorse Systems (RHS) products. You can use it in simple CRM mode, with the knowledge that RedHorse CRM can handle the complex when you want it.


Growing your business without add-on software

Companies have traditionally had to pieced together software to help manage their business. New versions and upgrades upset the delicate balance of how these software packages work with each other. RedHorse CRM has included the tasks formerly done by these packages, eliminating both the need for them and the vulnerability to changes. The only function not included is accounting, but RedHorse CRM’s mission is to always integrate with QuickBooks seamlessly.

Because RedHorse CRM uses an industry standard database, MS SQL, to store your information, it will scale upwards as you grow your operations, giving you speed and power. And the database is secure on your server, not out there ‘somewhere’ in an Internet ‘Cloud’.

Do you need a new CRM? Or a CRM ‘Plus Something?’

We recently had to ask ourselves that question, while looking at what we wanted from our existing CRM system, and the answer was “Yes”. You see, we didn’t like the box into which Albert Einstein had put us with his definition:

Insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

We needed to change if we were to grow our company. RedHorse CRM turned out to be our answer. We installed the CRM “Plus Something” version, (which is the standard version of RedHorse CRM) and are we ever glad we did. We like it so much, we are recommending it to our consulting clients.


  • Marketing – finding out which messages and media bring leads, saving ad costs
  • Sales – All customer and prospect interactions, including quotations
  • Customer Service – Responding quickly, tracking problem solution
  • Management – See in real-time how the business is going
  • Finance – get valid orders and accurate costs with all “i’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed
  • Clerks – avoid repetitive and boring re-entry of the same data multiple times

Check it out. It might be just what you are looking for!

BestFit Solutions is committed to providing customers with the service, support, and expertise they require to increase efficiency and profitability with a complete business management solution, based on RedHorse CRM, that provides an unmatched rapid return-on-investment.



RedHorse CRM Workflow Leads Microsoft CRM for Small Business

May 21, 2015

Red Horse Workflow Trumps MS-CRM for Small Businesses RedHorse Systems announces an upgraded CRM which quadruples workflow coverage without the EXTRA hardware and software needed

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RedHorse CRM – Fully integrated software for maximum efficiency:
RedHorse CRM is a fully integrated solution that covers all aspects of your business, including, marketing automation, lead generation and tracking, quoting, sales, order entry, contact relationship management, help desk, ticketing, project management, surveys and analysis, RMAs and more. The strength of the product lies in its non-modular design that enables you to enhance your business productivity significantly without ever having to purchase and integrate separate third party software applications. With RedHorse CRM, you get a powerful yet affordable ‘all-in-one’ small business management software solution right-out-of-the-box!